Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Madness. Is it time to consider an "American Jericho" Option?


Company Landing Team Alpha is conducting a deep strike mission on country x-ray.  They have unfortunately walked into a well laid trap and instead of facing a few terrorists are instead going up against enemy armored infantry with assistance from terrorists hostile to US interests.

It 2017 and this is the new Corps.  Instead of sending a force capable of dealing with any eventuality they are tailored to perform each mission and there is no slack in the mission planning.  These guys are lucky they didn't use the NEW unit of action, the Squad Landing Team instead.  With a Company they supposedly have a chance at mission success.

On the ground the situation is bleak.

Its like Custer's last stand.

There are many dead, many more injured and the prospect of capture of the remaining is real.  We know from experience that they will face a gruesome death.

Option 1.  You send reinforcements by MV-22 even though you know that they will arrive too late.  Not because of faulty intel.  Not because the planes fly too slow...but because decision makers just can't pull the trigger on a course of action.

Option 2.  You do nothing.  Instead you prepare Casualty Assistance Officers (and Chaplains) that they're going to have a busy few days of work.

Option 3.  You launch an "American Jericho" operation and destroy your own forces.

I'm curious to know what you would do LT.  Do you give those that remain alive a merciful death or do you hope against hope that all will turn out ok.  Oh and tell me how you arrived at your answer, a historical military action/operation that justifies your decision and an alternative option that fits the scenario that would see that CLT rescued.

You have 10 minutes.  No cheating, an honor violation will see you dismissed.


Sidenote:  Don't spaz out.  This is the modern day version of the Star Fleet
"Kobayashi Maru'....basically a no win situation.

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