Thursday, August 13, 2015

More proof that the Ground Combat Element needs an advocate!

via AOL...
The head of Marine aviation is talking with Boeing about costs and ways to upgrade more than half of the service’s 239 V-22 Ospreys to improve readiness.
The basic plan would be to improve all 131 of the A and B models of the V-22 to the C level, Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, told me in an interview at his Pentagon office. Davis, who has madeimproving readiness his top priority, told me Monday he was heading to Boeing “to see how much it would cost to upgrade all our aircraft.” This would not take place right away, Davis made clear. It would take years to accomplish.
And then this...
Davis also discussed the F-35B fleet, which outgoing Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford, just declared ready for Initial Operating Capability. As he has made clear for much of this year, Davis’ greatest worry about the Marines’ new war planes is keeping them ready to fly. Currently the fleet is budgeted to maintain a 70-74 percent readiness rate. Congress has approved enough money to buy spares to maintain that rate. But Davis said he’s been hitting the Hill, asking for more money to boost the readiness rates.

Are you seeing the force of connection here?  Aviation has an Assistant Commandant that is busting down doors, bending ears and heading to Congress to lobby for more money for the Wing.

Meanwhile the Amphibious Combat Vehicle is 10 or more years away, we're upgrading only a third of our AAVs, need to make a upgrade decision on Tanks and we need to reset our MTVRs etc...yet its getting no attention.

The Commandant is concerned about the entire Marine Corps.  Assistants just worry about their part of the Kingdom.

Its past time we had a four star pounding down doors, bending ears and heading to Congress to lobby for the Ground Combat Element.  The current setup isn't working for the ground side of the house and gives aviation an unfair advantage in tight budget times.

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