Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday's side issue. How good is the AMX-56 LeClerc MBT?

I guess this proves that you can never predict what will be important to your audience.

I thought for sure that the drivers of the conversation today would be either (A) the girl being charged with manslaughter for encouraging her "online" boyfriend to commit suicide or (B) whether or not Saudi Arabia/GCC would be successful in their surge operation in Yemen.

I was wrong.  The burning debate seems to be circling around how "good" is the AMX-56 LeClerc MBT.

Personally I'm not "enthused" about the tank.  Its upgrades in my opinion haven't been as robust as we've seen with the M1 Abrams/Leopard 2 and I have serious doubts about its armor.

My thinking was that we'd simply sit back and watch how it performed once it was pushed into the vanguard in Yemen and then compare it to the Abrams.  Still believe that's the best way to go, but the response was rather intense so I'm popping this discussion out so that the "surge" thread can go back to the issue outlined.

So you tell me (and provide something to back up your claims) good is the AMX-56 LeClerc?

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