Monday, August 31, 2015

Showdown between a sea snake and a poisonous stonefish (yeah, its fucking Australia again!)

via Metro
In the red corner: Ew.
In the blue corner: Gross.
Here’s a pretty epic (and slightly disgusting) fight between a sea snake and a stonefish.
The showdown was captured by Australian spear fisherman Rick Trippe, who was diving to explore a World War Two wreck in Darwin Harbour.
Mr Trippe is obviously pretty brave, he picked up the wrestling creatures from the water – apparently drawing on his experience of removing pythons from his chicken coop.

‘I’m silly but not mad. I knew this was dangerous. I knew if I grabbed it I wouldn’t get bitten,’ he told the BBC.
‘I could hear the fish croaking so I let them both go, but the snake made a beeline back to the fish.’
JSYK, the snake won the fight.
But it could have died following the altercation due to the 13 venomous spines on a stonefish’s back.
The poison is potent enough to kill a human if it goes untreated.
How can such a beautiful country have such crazy wildlife?

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