Thursday, August 13, 2015

The guys that designed the PL-01 Direct Fire Support Concept Vehicle are now working on a 6x6 APC...

Thanks to Jonathan for the link!

Remember the PL-01?  The vehicle that had armor experts and enthusiast in its spell for months?  Well the guys that designed that vehicle are joining an effort to build a 6x6 APC for the Polish Defense Forces.  via Janes...
The polish “Armament Group”, together with the OBRUM Company, has signed an agreement with the German Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles company, regarding a joint program for the development of a wheeled, 6×6, amphibious armored personnel carrier.
The new vehicle is planned to be lighter than 20 tones and capable of transporting loads of at least 3500 kg.
The agreement includes joint design works and development of the prototype.
Polish Armament Group states that the vehicle is going to be developed on the basis of the experience gathered during the asymmetric warfare operations, and is will have a high level of protection for its interior. The project is being realized in order to deliver a potential successor of the soviet-made BRDM-2 carriers.
The Polish-German vehicle will have amphibious capabilities. It is going to be manufactured within the territory of Poland, and it is to have a capacity of being used as a reconnaissance vehicle.
In recent years, many armors in the world have begun to replace old armored personnel carrier with new designs.
Some Israeli companies have such designs and are trying to compete in the international market.
This is .... interesting.  Light.  Amphibious.  Relatively large cargo carrying.  No talk about protection levels.  Little said about mobility requirements.

I've got to keep an eye on this to see what they come up with.  I do seem to remember a 6x6 Patria AMV from way back when though....

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