Thursday, August 27, 2015

The USMC & Army must field Active Protection Systems on its vehicles NOW!

Many thanks to BaneBlade for the idea!

Face the it boys and girls.  The action in the Middle East has moved from Iraq/Syria over to Yemen.  Saudi Arabia and the other members of the GCC have launched an offensive in that country and by all accounts they're getting their asses handed to them.

BaneBlade stated the obvious and I'm sorry I missed it.

Anti-armor missile tech is outpacing armor development.  You just can't make it thick enough and be able to maneuver properly anymore.  Even if we accept the idea that the M1 Abrams that we sold the Saudi's aren't up to US standard we should still be aware...and a bit alarmed at how easily all manner of ATGM/RPG are able to slice into them.

What does this mean for US forces?

It means that the paradigm has shifted again.  For the USMC specifically it means that its survivability upgrade for the AAV is no longer valid.  IEDs aren't the weapon of choice in the fight that the Houthis are waging.  They're using anti-tank missiles and RPGs.

If I was part of a think tank I'd swear that the Saudi's thought that they were running into an insurgency and instead found themselves involved in Hybrid Warfare (I believe but can't prove that Iranian Advisors are working with the Houthis).

The Army is pushing 30mm cannon upgrades for its Strykers.  In light of information that we now have, I believe that's the wrong move.  They should instead be investing in Armor Protection Systems.  I don't care which one, but it should be a priority.  Additionally the USMC has at least 7 years and probably a whole lot more before it fields the Amphibious Combat Vehicle.  APS must be part of that vehicle when it rolls off the assembly line.  The USMC has already delayed the purchase to such an extent that today's off the shelf vehicles will probably be antiquated by the time Marines receive them anyway so at least give them a fighting chance.

The script has flipped.  IEDs aren't the threat.  Its ATGM/RPG.

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