Thursday, August 13, 2015

Think Defence Blog's view of the F-35...

No spoilers on this one, you can read it here for yourself.

My opinion of this article?

Conventional wisdom has it that the USMC has bet the farm on this plane. That's true but it didn't have to be this way.  The rush to retire the Harrier, extend the Classic Harrier and say that no option exists other than to buy the F-35 is to twist the truth in such a way as to question whether those who have made it deserve to be called Marine Corps Officers.  NAVAIR has said that the Harrier is viable until 2030 and beyond.  The USMC could piggyback off USN Super Hornet buys.  We have options.

The Brits do not.

The F-35 must work for them and they must get a GOOD price or their entire future force is jeopardized.  So when you read his article read it from the view of a British military blogger that is wanting his future force to succeed.

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