Sunday, August 23, 2015

This is why I hate USNI Blog. Stop dividing/sectioning your writers....

via USNI Blog...
Beginning on Women’s Equality Day (26 August), the Naval Institute Blog will be running a “Women in Writing Week,” highlighting the writing of female commissioned officers and enlisted personnel in the sea services.
Women comprise more than half of the US population and 18% of naval officers between O-1 and O-4, yet they make up fewer than 1% of writers at the Naval Institute Blog.
We invite ALL females–active, reserve, retired, civilian–to write for the Naval Institute Blog on any topic of their choice. We also invite all writers of any gender to write about their favorite female writers in the military, and those role models who have paved the way for others to follow.
Interesting...but wait it gets better.  Check out this cleansing statement that follows the preaching above....
 Blogging is not a gender-specific sport. We invite all men and all women to participate, to share in their equal voice and contribute to our great naval debate.

When a person has something to say you don't need to put out a call.  When a person wants to put themselves out there on a professional subject they don't need to use USNI as a conduit.

This is the mindset in that house.  What next?  You want black, white, hispanic, asian writers?  How about Russian, Brazilian, Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist writers?  When do they assume that all their writers are hetrosexual and then put out a call for bi, gay, or transgender writers?  What about Satanist?  Can't discriminate so what do the Neo-Nazi members have to say?  What about the Eugenics crowd?  What is the cutoff in the partitioning of military writers for USNI?

When you start focusing on writers sex/sexual preference/race/religion etc.... instead of the issues facing the Naval Services then you're no longer credible..... if you call yourself a professional military institute that is!

USNI has taken their eyes off the ball and they're crashing into the back of the ship.

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