Tuesday, August 18, 2015

US Marines deploy armor to Europe to deter Russia....photo by Sgt. Tatum Vayavananda

U.S. Marines now have tanks, artillery, and light-armored reconnaissance vehicles in Europe to support NATO allies and international partner countries. The heavy equipment arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany, Sunday, and is bound for Bulgaria. The tanks, artillery, and light armored reconnaissance vehicles will be loaded on trains and moved across Europe demonstrating our allies’ and international partners’ ability to move heavy equipment across the region to support operations during a crisis.

Interesting.  I imagine Tankers, Artillerymen and LAV crews are sitting somewhere with a huge "I told ya so" shit eating grin.

In an age where the incoming Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff has called Russia our biggest threat, the USMC is buying an airplane that many says will be dog meat against their current jets and is shredding Tanks, Artillery and LAVs.....but in order to to deter the big threat it must deploy what it says is no longer needed!

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