Friday, August 28, 2015

When the JLTV boards the ship, what gets left on the dock?

Thanks to Bryan for the link!

By now you've heard about Oshkosh winning the JLTV contest.  This little rip isn't about that company.  I'm a huge fan of their MTVR (I believe it to be the most useful vehicle in the inventory at this time)...this is a rip about the JLTV concept for the Marine Corps.  Check this out from USNI News.
The shift for the Marines means replacing the 74 Humvees currently in its infantry battalions with 69 JLTVs.
“The intent is to replace 5,500 vehicles that are most likely be in direct combat,” Col. Andrew Bianca, U.S. Marine Corps Deputy Program Executive Officer, Land Systems, said during the briefing.
Ok.  That sounds reasonable right?  Wrong.  Marines deploy aboard ship.  They're forward deployed aboard Navy Amphibious Ships.  Check out the following....
Oshkosh Defense — the Marines will now work on how to integrate the vehicle on the U.S. Navy’s fleet of amphibious warships designed for the much smaller legacy Humvee.
For example, the San Antonio-class (LPD-17) landing platform dock amphibious warship was designed to carry 5,500 pound Humvees not 14,000 to 15,000 pound JLTVs.
“As you deploy out on a [Marine Expeditionary Unit], yes it’s not a one-for-one swap as far as space available on the ships. There is some additional [weight] growth but you also have an increase in protection, an increase in performance and an increase in payload to accompany that also,” Rodgers said.
Ok.  Lets do a little math.  I believe (and I could easily be wrong) that the average MEU deploys with about 60 Humvees.  Lets be generous and cut that number by 10 and say its 50.   Assume that the JLTV is more capable and they're able to get by with 45.

You just added 1/2 million pounds of weight to your ship (250 short tons).  Additionally that added weight in vehicles will not transport the same number of Marines so you're going to end up using your MTVRs in the transport role....again.

But the biggest issue is the weight.  For all the talk of a lighter Marine Corps it just got heavier.  What's worse?  The ACV will be heavier than the AAV!

So we will have ships that are carrying heavier loads (which means that we will have fewer combat vehicles), with vehicles that carry fewer Marines, and a Marine Corps more dependent on vertical assault every minute!

Its diabolical.  Its mind numbing.  Its begs the question.  Who is coming up with this shit?

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