Saturday, September 12, 2015

All is not well in Army Land.

via BlackFive.
Right now is not a good time for troops at ANY level to be speaking out. The social media policy has changed, and higher is coming down hard on things that used to be encouraged.
And then this...
Whatever the official policy, the unofficial policy is that troops speaking out is a great way to end a career. Given the draconian cuts in play (and more on that horrendous, idiotic, and flat-out foolish thing in other posts), it is not a good time for the troops and not a good time for honest and full discussions (IMO).  I know I am going to be very careful about sharing some things, so as to make sure that those sharing can't be identified.
Interesting.  Very interesting.

If you're not familiar with BlackFive then let me fill you in.  Its the Army version of this blog but much more polished, MUCH more professional and staffed with some great writers.

For about the past year the quality took a hit (there words not mine) and they stopped doing hard hitting pieces.  The guys over there have vowed that they're gonna get back at the rough stuff again and they're trying to point out there rules of engagement before they go full bore (that's my read of the situation).

But to the issue at hand.

It sounds like all is NOT well in Army Land.  B5 referred to a gag order and is stressing that the social media environment has changed.

My read?

Something is brewing with our brother service.  Sounds like the natives aren't happy and they're grabbing pitchforks, M4's etc...

This bears watching.

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