Thursday, September 24, 2015

BMP 3's changed the game...

Thanks to Olgert for the link!

That's an extremely short vid but it shows that the BMP-3 Derivative maintains its amphibious capabilities.  Quite honestly I wasn't going to post it but then it dawned on me.

This model, designed only for export, is about to change the game.

What do I mean?  Think about what we're seeing here.  A 57mm gun? With the turret alone (ignoring the better internal arrangement) we're seeing the ability of light vehicles now being able to reliably kill anything short of an MBT without aiming for weak spots, or the use of expensive missiles.  The caliber of the gun also means that it will be able to provide infantry support by being able to kill enemy fortifications and even provide airburst capability against troops.

Instead of the 35 or 40mm cannons in the West being leap ahead, we're still playing catch up.

Bringing this closer to home, does that 50 caliber mount being proposed for the USMC's Amphibious Combat Vehicle seem good enough now?

Below are a couple of screen captures from the above vid.

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