Friday, September 25, 2015

Did China just blink in the recent border incident with India?

Thanks to Aditya for the link!

via The Times of India...
"The recent actions by the Indian Army in the relevant area were not consistent with the relevant agreement and spirit of the consensus of the two sides," People's Liberation Army spokesman Wu Qian said at a news briefing. "Jointly maintaining peace and tranquillity of India-China border is an important consensus reached between the leaderships of the two countries, and also a solemn commitment and promise made by the two government and militaries."

But wait.  There's more!
"We ask the Indian Army to earnestly implement the important consensus reached by the two governments and refrain from taking any unilateral actions which will affect the situation in the border areas and work together with the Chinese military to jointly maintain peace and stability in China-India border areas," Wu said.
Wow.  Just plain wow.  The Chinese are sounding like the US when we deal with them doing something outrageous or provocative.  In this case the Chinese crossed the agreed upon border, erected a shack and cameras and the Indian Army took it down.

This is classic Pacific diplomacy.  Strength is respected, the passive are crushed.  How do you feel the current administration is viewed by the nations of the region?

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