Thursday, September 24, 2015

Egypt buying Mistrals and Ka-52s...What is the plan? Why the need?

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Story here and here.

I've been watching this development for the past few days but didn't comment on it.

No one is asking simple questions with regard to this sale.  What is the plan?  Why the need?  What is the requirement?

Egypt and the rest of the Arab nations are going on a MASSIVE spending spree that I believe is one of the under reported effects of the Iranian nuke deal.  Unfortunately the mainstream press is either too in the tank for the Dem party (at least in the US) or too stupid to put the pieces together.

A peace treaty that sees the entire region arming to the teeth and its still being touted as a good thing?

This sale is taking things to a new level in my opinion.  Egypt has no reason to develop expeditionary forces.  This is obviously aimed at Iran and with Saudi Arabia helping them with funding, its seems to me that we're looking at them becoming the new leader of the Arab military coalition.

If I'm right (and I could easily be wrong) then this is more bad news for the US. Egypt has steadily been distancing itself from the US and this move certainly doesn't help.

A major regional war is in the planning stages. 

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