Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Europe is getting crushed by illegal immigration...

via The Telegraph...
Fears are growing that cross-Channel services will again be plunged into chaos this week after groups of migrants renewed their attempts to board freight trains to Britain, prompting further delays and cancellation.
Around 150 migrants tried to storm the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais on Friday night in an effort to climb onto the trains heading to the UK.
French riot police intervened to prevent the migrants breaking or cutting their way into waiting lorries, but the authorities and freight operators are braced for further problems over the coming days.
Eurotunnel said that several of its freight services were delayed and cancelled after groups of migrants attempted to get into restricted areas on the French side. It said that the incident only affected freight traffic only, with passenger services continuing to run to a full timetable.

I am continuously amazed.

The perfect storm for a major domestic incident is lining up for Europe and the EU bureaucrats are taking a business as normal approach to the problem.  They're meeting on the 14th (I believe its the 14th) of this month to deal with the problem....but the problem is spiraling out of control now!

Want to know what one European country is doing?

Hungary is building a fence!

A weak economy.  Poor employment prospects for citizens.  A generous social welfare net that is going to be strained by the new flood of people.....and note we haven't even mentioned the possibility of ISIS 'agents' being mixed in.

We're not talking about a civil war, but I do expect major violence in European cities soon.  They better hope winter comes quick.

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