Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Marines fast roping from MV-22 (Vid)...fix this Assistant Commandant for Aviation!

I'm gonna beat on this drum for awhile so just deal with it.  These Marines are either the bravest, craziest or just ran out of fucks to give men I've ever seen.

Watch this vid carefully. Then follow the bouncing ball with me...

1.  Note how the rope is flying around like a drunk sailor on shore leave in Thailand.

2.  Watch how some Marines that aren't part of the stick (they're on the ground) run up to anchor the rope so that this training evolution can actually occur.  I HAVE NOTHING BUT PRAISE FOR THE PERSON WHO DECIDED TO DO THIS!

3.  Watch the Marines as they exit the airplane.  Notice the ropers.  Not one of them had "proper" form.  I don't blame them one bit for that.  How can you when the prop blast is so powerful and you're hanging on for life?

This is unsat.  Vanity should not be policy.  The above vid illustrates beyond doubt that fast roping from MV-22 is unnecessarily dangerous and should be dropped from the playbook.

I find it disturbing that Marine leadership hasn't addressed this issue.

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