Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The European Army Project...

The Dutch Army is made up of three brigades, plus support staff and Special Forces. On June 12, one of those brigades, the 11th Airmobile, officially joined the German Army.
This was the first time ever that European country has handed part of its army over to another country. “Never before has a state renounced this elementary and integral part of its sovereignty,” wrote Die Welt’s political editor, Thorsten Jungholt.
“The hour has come, finally, for concrete steps towards a European Army.”
 Now, Germany is making it clear that this was not an isolated event. Instead, it is a pattern Germany intends to follow as it absorbs more units from foreign militaries. “Germany is driving the European Army Project” was the title of Jungholt’s Die Welt article.
And then this from the Welt.de (Google translate or another service required..unless you read German)..
However, the Chairman of the Defence Committee points out that the sovereignty transfer to other nations in the long term should remain two­way street: even Germany must be prepared to assume his soldiers the command of its partners. If the army now talking about cooperation with Poland, "then we should signal a willingness, even an association from Germany to insinuate a Polish Division". The same applies to the cooperation with the Dutch, for the Bartels already has a specific project in mind: "Germany should think about whether we really need to build amphibious capabilities in the Navy." Thus, the German Navy is currently planning even the procurement of two socalled "Joint Support Ships", costing per ship: around 400 million euros. Danes and British have such vessels already," said Bartels. "So it is logical to apply the model of military cooperation in this area
Do you get the force of connection here.

This is another play to cut defense spending while claiming to enhance combat capability.

Considering the border crisis I find it hard to believe that this will go anywhere but the US should cheer the effort.  A European Army will finally kill NATO.  We can then turn our attention to the Pacific full force and leave Europe to the Europeans.

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