Friday, September 04, 2015

The F-35 Program Manager gives a pep talk..

via DVIDS...
“From 2011, when we rebased the program to now, we are making some pretty slow but some good progress,” Bogdan said. “We are at a point now in the program where because of that progress, we are no longer slow and steady. We are past the slow and steady progress; we are now growing and accelerating rapidly on this program.”
Well this part is typical bullshit, but check out this part...
“We will do everything we can to give the Air Force everything they need,” Bogdan said. “If we fall through, the responsibility falls on me. But I need you to also do your part as well. This program runs on two things; money and trust. If people can’t trust what JPO or myself are doing, the program will crumble. So the key is integrity.
Did he really say that?  Did he say that the key is integrity?  Really?  Seriously?  Just plain wow.  But wait it gets better.  In walks a person named Rose.  What she does with the program isn't detailed, and neither is her title but she reverts to the usual bullshit (I'm guessing a Lockheed Martin drone assigned to dress up this ugly pig)...
“People love to criticize the F-35,” Rose said. “The reality is usually far different, as someone who has been involved in the F-35 program since 2009, the airplane is actually quite impressive, the capability that it brings is awe inspiring, we need to be patient, we need to work hard and we need to work hard to make it into the airplane we need it to be.”
People criticize the airplane because its body slamming the defense budget.  Not a quick death but a long, torture filled, bloody, gore fest that has basically damaged the Marine Corps and will do the same to everyone else thinking about buying the airplane.

Read it here for yourself.

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