Thursday, September 10, 2015

When does journalism end and citizenship begin?

Take the emotion and the politics out of this one....lets look at it from space and consider the moral dilemma...

via Reuters
A camerawoman for a private television channel in Hungary was fired late on Tuesday after videos of her kicking and tripping up migrants fleeing police, including a man carrying a child, spread in the media and on the internet.
In separate videos, the woman, who was not named by the channel, is seen kicking a girl and tripping up the man carrying a child as hundreds of migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, broke away from police on Hungary's southern border with Serbia.

"An employee of N1TV today showed unacceptable behavior at the Roszke collection point," N1TV, also known as Nemzeti TV, said in a statement. "We have terminated the contract of the camerawoman with immediate effect today."
Szabolcs Kisberk, chief editor at the TV station, told Reuters: "I believe we have done what we had to do in this situation. We don’t understand how this could happen, it is shocking and unacceptable."
If you get hyper emotional, delve into politics or try and play "mightier than thou" then you're gonna miss the issue I'm trying to get discussion on.

First.  Yes this woman was obviously over the top.  Kicking people?  That's uncalled for...but lets consider the circumstances (and no I'm not excusing her actions just pointing out what has been ignored)...these people were fleeing from police.

When does citizenship require you to act?

It can be argued that this camerawoman was simply acting to aid law enforcement.  Additionally it can be argued that the child's parent (I'm assuming that the guy was the parent) is the one that actually endangered the child by fleeing from police.

Why are we talking about this here?  Simple.  Its not heard quite as often now as it once was, but in the prepping community the theme of being a "sheep dog" was all the rage (check out some of the prepping vids and you'll see what I'm talking about).  The idea was that there are times when law enforcement needs the help of citizens.  Active assistance, not just reporting crimes.

Case in point?  A Louisiana State Trooper was killed near Lake Charles.  The assailant shot him and was restrained by passers by.  That's an example of "sheep dog" behavior (if you ask a booster of the concept)....or like it was called before, citizen involvement.

What say you?  If you take out the over the top behavior (kicking) is this camerawoman wrong or did she behave appropriately?  Or even better when does journalism end and citizenship begin?

NOTE:  Well ain't this grand.  Another example of either (a) me not properly explaining the parameters of the debate were OR (b) people being so focused on certain agendas that they can't wrap their heads around a bigger issue.  Fantastic.  I won't be doing this shit again.

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