Sunday, September 20, 2015

Your society is broken when your sexuality becomes part of your resume' (definitely not politically were warned)

Read about this guy here.

My thoughts on this?  When your sexuality becomes part of your resume' then something is broken.  Since this is being highlighted by the Obama Administration as a major part of this guys qualifications then I'm gonna say that our society (as represented by the elected leader of this nation) is broken.

I could care less about who this guy likes to screw.  What I do care about is whether he's qualified for the job.

But its obvious that this isn't about qualifications.  This is about the gender that this man has sex with....his sexual preference, identity...whatever you want to call it.

Having said all that I'm happy as hell we don't have a Dept of the Marine Corps.  The President would probably appoint the most flamboyant transexual he could find just to spite us!  Little does he know that we wouldn't give a damn as long as the princess could get the job done.

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