Thursday, October 08, 2015

Be concerned. Russia is re-ordering the Middle East.

via Sputnik.
According to Alexey Drobinin, minister-counselor at the Russian Embassy in Israel, the meetings proved successful.
"Russia will not take any action that will endanger Israel’s national security," Drobinin told Israel Radio.
"We understand that Israel has national security interests and we take these into account when we formulate our regional policies," he added. "There are over a million former Soviet citizens living in Israel and we need to take this into account."

American defense planners should be concerned.  Russia is re-ordering the Middle East and putting old alliances in jeopardy.

Egypt was successfully wrangled from the Russian grip but are now floating back toward them.  Iraq, the nation where so much blood and treasure was invested is all but a lackey to them.  Iran.  "Nuff said.

But even if we ignore the propaganda value of this development (which I think we should) the optics of the latest meeting between the Russians and Israel should stun us all.

Not because the meeting occurred.  The fact that it did is nothing but professional.  Its what I would expect of mature military powers that are operating in close proximity to each other.  It helps avoid accidents and establishing RELATIONSHIPS if the worse does happen.

The fact that the US isn't participating isn't a sign of strength.  Its a sign of weakness.  It doesn't illustrate a thoughtful Middle East policy, instead it appears to be a temper tantrum.  We won't talk to you so your plan will fail.

We're on the sidelines while the entire Mid East is being transformed right before our eyes.

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