Wednesday, October 07, 2015

All eyes on Russia/Syria, while in Yemen the ass kicking continues!

We're all focused on Russia/Syria but the Saudi/GCC getting throat punched continues in Yemen.

Theory.  The Russians are simply seeking to maintain the status quo/return the region to stability in Syria (with the benefit of gaining a new base and being seen as a reliable ally)....but the fighting in Yemen could start a whole new crisis.

Consider.  The King seems near death (according to the latest reports we've seen), and if the adventure in Yemen was designed to "aid" his handpicked successor to the throne ascend without opposition, then that plan is as dead as disco.  Which means we could see a power struggle erupt, and the result would be that the Kingdom is thrown into chaos.  Various players in the Middle East will attempt to influence the outcome which means instability the likes of which we haven't seen.

It's just a theory so time will tell.  Your watch list?  Russia, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan (refugee crisis is under reported and a threat to the King), and the Kurds.

We truly cursed....'cause we live in interesting times.

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