Saturday, October 24, 2015

Breaking Defense is so caught up in the beltway that they don't understand Republican politics...

via Breaking Defense.
“As usual, he (Obama) has the upper hand in these negotiations. Hopefully, this (veto) will reinvigorate the already-stalled budget talks underway,” Eaglen, a member of the Breaking Defense Board of Contributors, said in an email.
That helps explain why — aside from the usual partisan reaction of we must strike back because the other guy did something — defense Republicans are trying really hard to get someone in America to care about the veto of the defense policy bill.
To help get someone outside of Washington to pay attention to what really is an important measure — whichever side of the Overseas Contingency Operations funding issue you’re on — Republicans launched a Twitter campaign yesterday afternoon to stir the faithful using the hashtags #OverrideTheVeto and #FY16NDAA.
They don't get it.  They don't begin to understand the Republican party and the limitations placed on them by its public.

Ryan has little to no wiggle room.

Quite honestly the issue is already decided because of this veto.  The nation will have a continuing resolution that will take it thru the Presidential Election.

What's amazing though is the thinking here.  They put forward the possibility that the budget will be passed by taking out the Overseas Contingency Operations portion of it.  I seriously doubt it.  What BD failed to realize is that the President threw down a gauntlet.  Its either fund defense and social programs equally or there will be no acceptable budget deal.

And that's the rub.  Republicans rank and file feel like they've been rolled over and over again.  There will be a literal war inside the party if that happens...which means it won't...especially this close to the election.

The President doesn't have the upper hand.  He created another round of gridlock.  The budget hawks win.  The last chance for the F-35 ramp up dies.

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