Wednesday, October 21, 2015

China's CH-53K clone...

via Popular Mechanics...
One of China's most prolific aircraft manufacturers, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has announced it's working on a new, locally produced heavy lift helicopter. The as-yet-unnamed helicopter will be the largest in China's inventory.

According to the Chinese web site, the new helo will be comparable to the American CH-53K King Stallion. It's projected to be a little bit slower than the CH-53K, but the site proudly points out it will have a maximum takeoff weight that's 0.2 tons larger.

The helicopter comes after the cancellation of a joint Russian-Chinese project to upgrade the venerableMi-26 "Halo" heavy lift helicopter. Capable of carrying over 100 troops or 22 tons of cargo, the Mi-26 has been the largest helicopter in the world since 1977. China will make most of the parts, including the seven composite rotors, transmission, and "other areas." Russia, meanwhile, is expected to provide "some technology." That may be an understatement, as China has never made a heavy lift helicopter of its own before.

Just out of curiosity.  How is that production offset of US helicopters along with tech transfer to China (ignoring the cyber theft of our intellectual property) NOT a major issue for our presidential candidates?

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