Saturday, October 24, 2015

Leading from the front or micromanagement/lack of trust?

This isn't a rant, just an observation.

Many readers here are applauding Iranian generals that have been killed in combat in Syria (not the politics, just the example set).  The view is that these Persian Generals led from the front and that's a good thing.

I have a different view.

Let me be clear.  We don't know if the Rebels struck their Combat Operations Center or if they were leading troops in house clearing ops.

A hit on a COC is understandable (tragic, but understandable).  If its because the Persians were doing some type of frontline combat activity then its arrogance and micromanagement/lack of trust or even more ominously....glory least in my opinion.  If its because they don't trust their troops then they need to train harder.  If its to micromanage then they need to get better Platoon, Company and Battalion leaders.  But on the frontline?  Stars would just get in the way.

What do you think.

Sidenote.  While I have SERIOUS doubts about the combat efficiency of the proposed Company Landing Team and I'm more than a little alarmed by the talk of the Squad Landing Team (rumored, not confirmed) it does show that at least theoretically power is being pushed down instead of up.  We'll have to see how the 1000 mile screw driver affects things but its a start...and it shows trust in Marines.

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