Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Modest Proposal. Why reinvent the wheel? Militarize the AW-609 for the BlackHawk replacement!

What do you constantly hear from the Pentagon and especially the Army?  Procurement must be faster, cutting edge, affordable and deliver on specifications.

The AW-609 does everything that the Army is looking for in its next gen helicopter and all that needs to be done is to militarize it.  Supposedly AgustaWestland is already working to do so.

Invite them to sell a few to the Pentagon, and the current competition can focus on future tech.  Hell, if you want then pawn some off to SOCOM to use as a utility/light insertion platform and see if they like it (to determine whether it would be practical for Big Army use) and we have a win-win.  SOCOM loves their toys and Big Army gets a cheap "demonstrator" on SOCOM's dime!

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