Saturday, October 03, 2015

Russian SU-30s sporting a pure air to air loadout in Latakia?

Thanks to MicMac80 for the pic!

The SU-30s operating out of Latakia are sporting a pure air to air loadout?  INTERESTING!  My guess is that this is aimed more at the US rather than Israel.

We still haven't heard news of an agreement to deconflict Syrian air space and we have the usual Senators (NeoCons that refuse to understand that no one is listening anymore) making noises about flying CAP missions to protect the Free Syrian Army (I still don't get those guys....are they terrorists...if not then why haven't we been sending them weapons before all this kicked off...our Middle East policy is a muddled mess).

Yeah.  My guess is that this is a warning shot across the bow of our commanders in the region...and to the White House.

Putin has taken the measure of Obama and he knows that the US president will back down.

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