Saturday, October 03, 2015

F-35 went to sea even with a hurricane coming?

The desperation is evident!  They continued with the sea trials of the F-35 despite a hurricane approaching?  Is this a  photo op to indicate that all is well....or an attempt to make sure that they don't suffer another delay?

Either way they're pushing hard. Why?  One word.  Sequestration!  The Administration has forced the Pentagon to go along with the idea that the President would veto an appropriations bill that would give them relief.  The price of increased F-35 production?  Social program spending increases.  The likely outcome?  Once again the DoD screwed themselves and hatred for the President will see their funding cut.  Both sides will blame each other and the F-35 will die.

I can live with that.

Sidenote:  The experts on my side of this debate were proven right when they said the F-35 was an aerial dog that would get eaten alive in a dogfight.  Now I wish they would turn their attention to debunking this "sensor fusion" and "superior sensor platform" bullshit.  How can a plane with sensors that aren't even state of the art be superior?  What the fuck is sensor fusion?  The F-35 advocates are selling pixie dust and aren't being challenged on the latest memes they're hanging their hats on.

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