Friday, October 23, 2015

When combat isn't combat via DefenseOne.

via DefenseOne.
We have this capability. It is a great American strength,” Carter said Friday at the Pentagon of special operations raids like the one this week. But he insisted those raids are not the same as the U.S.military “assuming a combat role.”
“Americans are flying combat missions, thousands of combat missions, over Syria and Iraqi territory. There are Americans involved in training and advising Iraqi security forces around the country. We do not have combat formations there the way we had once upon a time in Iraq, or the way we have had in years past in Afghanistan,” Carter said.
 Then this drivel from the Defense Dept Press Sec...
Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook had been blunter on Thursday: “Our mission in Iraq is the train, advise and assist mission. This was a unique circumstance…This was a support mission in which they were providing support to the Kurdistan Regional Government. U.S. forces are not in an active combat mission in Iraq.”

Fucking seriously?

An American Special Ops soldier dies from small arms fire while participating in a raid to rescue Iraqi and Kurd forces from an ISIS prison and its not combat?


How many people have thrown away their credibility to protect one man?  How many are willing to lie to protect the policies of one individual?

And they wonder why Vets, Retirees and Active Duty members aren't upset about the budget being vetoed?  This isn't the military that I remember and it sure isn't the leadership that I guess I took for granted.  Once you could always count on at least one person shouting bullshit.  Now?  They all line up and kiss the ring.

Rant over. 

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