Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bob Dorr is gravely ill...

via News from Bob...
I have a brain tumor.
It appears to be a Glioblastoma, the most common but also the most aggressive kind.
I'm still able to talk, including talking on the phone, but the tumor is near the speech center and my ability to speak, to type, and to add and subtract is deteriorating rapidly. Check it out.
I'm in good spirits amidst these gorgeous autumn days with wonderful support from family, friends, and readers.
Well, okay, not every reader. One reader mailed me a package of Preparation H. That's genuinely thoughtful but maybe not the work of an adoring fan.
Wow.  Just wow.

I have always been a reader and while I don't agree with him and his views on the supremacy of air power and the need for the F-35, I still think he's good to go.

If you're reading this then slide by his blog to wish him well.

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