Saturday, November 14, 2015

How does the West respond to terrorism? Image over substance...

Below are some pics that show the French turning off lights as a gesture of mourning while the rest of the world "turns the lights on" as a gesture of support...

What's the problem you say?

To me its another case of "image over substance".

Just like the so called war on terror after 9/11, people are acting in a baby like manner.  Just like the war on terror, no one is being asked or is even asking themselves to make sacrifices in their own lives to fight the zealots.

Somehow gestures that mean nothing have replaced the idea of doing the hard work of putting these animals back into their cages.

Singing a nation's national anthem, holding hands...doing all the Kumbaya bullshit will not win against a determined enemy.

Its past time to harden the fuck up....on a national and personal level.

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