Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ISIS is ahead of European Security Forces...

via Fox
A soccer stadium in Hannover, Germany was evacuated and the impending match was canceled Tuesday night after police said “serious plans for explosions” were thwarted.
Unconfirmed reports from a local Germannewspaper said a truck possibly disguised as an emergency vehicle or ambulance initially believed to contain explosives was found at an unknown location.
There was no immediate confirmation of that report, though the Hannover chief of policewas quoted by multiple sources as saying “there was a device intended to be detonated inside the stadium.” Another stadium in the city, which was to host a pop concert, was evacuated as well.
Terrorists only need to get lucky once...Security Forces have to be right every time.

The cold hard facts?

European Security Forces are behind the power curve.  They won't be able to act fast enough, soon enough to prevent the next attack.

Europe is about to burn.  This is not only gonna get nasty but bloody too.  Pass the popcorn, pop open that can and enjoy the show.  This is only the beginning.

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