Tuesday, November 03, 2015

MacGregor says a US Army Armored Division would be "annihilated" by its Russian equivalent...

via Politico...
In early September he circulated a PowerPoint presentation showing that in a head-to-head confrontation pitting the equivalent of a U.S. armored division against a likely Russian adversary, the U.S. division would be defeated. “Defeated isn’t the right word,” Macgregor told me last week. “The right word is annihilated.” The 21-slide presentation features four battle scenarios, all of them against a Russian adversary in the Baltics – what one currently serving war planner on the Joint Chiefs staff calls “the most likely warfighting scenario we will face outside of the Middle East.”
First.  PLEASE GET ME A COPY OF THAT POWER POINT!!!!!!  Next.  It gets worse.  Check this out...
“Every time we deploy a division we deploy a division headquarters of 1,000 soldiers and officers,” Macgregor explains. “What a waste; those guys will be dead within 72 hours.”
Note.  PLEASE GET ME A COPY OF THAT POWER POINT!!!!!  This short article is a must read.  Check it out here. 

Sidenote:  I'll tell ya ahead of time.  Spare me the venom/hater-aid toward MacGregor.  The guy might be a rebel but he's one of the few Army advocates that appears to be thinking instead of simply cheerleading.  We need more of that across the services.

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