Saturday, November 14, 2015

Super Arrow Interceptor...Next Generation Canadian Interceptor designed from the ashes of the Avro Arrow!

Thanks to CanuckFighter for the link!

Website here.

Is it just me or does it appear that there will be pressure put on the Canadian govt to design a homegrown fighter?  Think its beyond the realm of possibilities?  I'm not so sure.  First the US Navy is doing serious work to extend the life of the Hornets already in service and the Canadians could glob onto that effort while rebuilding there industry.  Second, you have the example of the S. Koreans, Japanese and Turks.  They're all working on homegrown fighters and arguably aren't anymore advanced than Canada.  Last, do to the idiocy of the F-35 program they already have the building blocks of building new fighters already in place.  What they don't have they can partnership with industry to setup facilities.  Want a high tech engine?  Get a war going between Pratt and Whitney, Snecma, and GE to design one (modified from what's already flying) on Canadian soil.

Of course this could be a flight of fancy but it seems that at least a portion of the Canadian aviation industry is restless.

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