Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey is sending additional tanks to the Syrian border...are they about annex land?

This story has been circulating for awhile now.

Turkey has been sending more and more armor to the border with Syria.  There have been reports that Turkey plans to annex Syrian territory to act as a buffer against Kurdish forces.

Is it happening now?  Check this out...via Anadolu Agency (Turkish State Run News)...
Military vehicles from the Yayladağı, moved troops to the border will be deployed.

Following the lowering of the tank Russian warplanes violating Turkish airspace and armored vehicles were shipped to troops on the Syrian border it was learned.
Moving tanks and military vehicles under safety measures to be deployed in the unity of the Syrian border.
Reporter: Halit Demir
What makes this interesting?  No, its not just the tank movement, its the fact that this is listed only in the Turkish language version, its nowhere to be found in the English language site.

Is this propaganda...or is this preparing the public for further military action? 

Either way this thing ain't over. watch football...I will too, but my computer will be tuned to my various news alerts so I can keep track of Syria.

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