Sunday, November 22, 2015

What happens after ISIS is gone?

via Sputnik.
Terrorists of the so-called ‘Islamic State’, or ISIL, keep on surrendering to Kurdish forces with several hundred more already having capitulated, according to local media.
ISIL militants have been surrendering to advancing Peshmerga troops on the regular basis since supply routes connecting Iraq and Syria have been cut off heavy pounding by the US-led coalition airstrikes, a frontline commander of Kurdish forces in Gwer, Qadr Qadr, told Kurdish media outlet Bas News on Sunday.
Interesting.  It seems that only once an issue becomes a crisis does the Obama Administration deem it worthy of attention.  Ok, even if you think that's unfair let me ask you this simple question.

What happens after ISIS is gone?

I contend that ISIS, operating in an open desert in technicals with a few armored vehicles thrown in, is hardly a difficult tactical problem.  Lt's going thru the Basic Course face bigger challenges.  Go to a good SNCO division course and you'll face more difficult.  Long story short.  The lie that fighting ISIS would be a "long" war...a generational war was just that.  So what happens when they're finally put in the ground.  Oh and I remind you that all the world's militaries are facing off against a force that numbers between 20 and 40K troops.

My prediction?

Attention will once again focus on internal issues.  The states in the Middle East will no longer have an enemy to point at.  The US, EU and Russia will no longer have a "credible" foil.  Will it lead to even more instability because all the rivalry will no longer have a cover?  Will Iran and Saudi Arabia finally get to it instead of using proxies?

I wonder about this entire "campaign" against ISIS.

I'm repeating myself but keep it simple.  We have the world united to fight 20 to 40 thousand troops in the open desert.   Yet instead of killing this threat we allow it to fester.  Now we see the Kurds, and the Syrian Army finally making major pushes against them?

This whole fight has never added up.  Not at all.  But once its over the real fights will begin...and fight against ISIS will look like happy times.

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