Sunday, December 06, 2015

F-35 decision again delayed by Denmark

via DefenseNews.
This Danish government is set to announce a selection in the first quarter of 2016.
The PDC had specifically sought answers from Christensen regarding technical issues raised about the F-35’s capabilities in the Director, Operational Test & Evaluation Office (DOT&E) report for the US secretary of defense.
Christensen’s decision not to address any questions directly relating to the F-35 did not go down well with many PDC members.
"I find it strange and disturbing that the defense minister, so close to the end of the aircraft type selection process, will not address the critical assessments of the fighter plane that is regarded as the favorite in this competition. I had expected that the minister would have more to say about the F-35 and its technical issues," said Eva Flyvholm, the Red-Green Alliance party member on the PDC.
Denmark has contributed an estimated $291 million to the Joint Strike Fighter development program.
The three competitors have submitted bids for 24, 30 and 36 aircraft to the MoD's Project Office. Denmark had originally sought bids for up to 48 aircraft to replace the Danish Air Force’s aging F-16s.
However, economic uncertainty and tougher public spending cuts have reduced Denmark’s appetite for higher budgets and lowered its ambitions regarding the number of aircraft to be acquired.
More bad news for the F-35 program.

It keeps coming back to costs and the costs are out of control.  Additionally they can't push down the cost curve because the plane is so expensive, so people will buy less which means that the reduced number of aircraft to be bought pushes the price up...which....well you get the idea.

The F-35 is caught in the death spiral, which is turning into a flat spin with the plane headed out to sea.

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