Friday, December 18, 2015

Integrating an artillery platoon within an infantry company landing team....Video by Cpl. Lucas Hopkins

They keep trying to push this meme! Don't they understand that in the end they're going to re-invent the Marine Expeditionary Unit?

Today's it's an attempt to add artillery, next you're gonna need armored ground mobility so we'll see AAVs or ACVs added to the mix.  Of course we're gonna be looking at increased logistics support so we're gonna have to build a Company Logistics Platoon.  They're gonna need vehicles so 7 tons will be added to the mix.

And then after it's all said and done, they'll talk about combining several of these Company Landing Teams together and we'll be right back to a Marine Expeditionary Unit.

HQMC!  Just fucking stop.  You're drunk.  Go home.

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