Saturday, December 12, 2015

More proof the F-35 is inadequate. Northrop Grumman releases illustration of 6th gen fighter.

via Flight Global.
Thermal management will be a critical factor in a brewing competition to replace hundreds of Lockheed Martin F-22s and Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, says a top Northrop Grumman executive.
Releasing a new artistic concept of a so-called sixth-generation fighter on 11 December, Northrop Aerospace Systems president Tom Vice singled-out the critical but often overlooked quality of managing all the heat generated by ever-more powerful weapons and sensors anticipated on future combat aircraft.
Interesting isn't it.  A briefing to defense media of an illustration of a 6th gen fighter?  Talk about it being armed with lasers?

The reality is stark.

This is not only more proof that the F-35 is inadequate, but it also shows that the threat fighters...the J-20, J-31, PAK-FA and Japanese stealth fighter....are considered to be more formidable than is being let on in the public.

Before the F-35 has even entered service, its already being relegated to the "might be a bit better" than the F-16, but not by much category.

Face it boys and girls.  The USAF and USN is already working on the 6th gen fighter.  The USMC won't play for two reasons.  We can't afford it and if they did try and dip a toe into the 6th gen water the tribe would go ape-shit.

Even more important is this fact.  The USAF won the budget war but the US Navy clearly won the doctrine/concept battle.  What do I mean?  The 6th gen is shaping up to be biased toward Greenert's "payloads over platforms" war cry.  Additionally Electronic Warfare is set to be a "domain"...more Growlers are coming so that's another Navy win that's not be talked about enough.

The good admiral is probably the most consequential of the service chiefs of his tenure.  Amos was a failure and irrelevant.  Ordierno was absolutely useless and is trying his hand at analysis to improve his legacy.  Hostage was a mess.  Greenert is the only one  that got even a piece of it right.

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