Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tanks are already dead in the USMC?

dfoley63 made this statement...
To answer the question, it seems to have already been decided to do away with the heavy armor. as of march 1 2016, we will be down to 88 active duty tanks in the USMC. They arent modernizing anything. they are demobbing another company come February. We have already stood down an entire battalion, and a company from another battallion. Another company will be stood down next year as mentioned. This will leave USMC with 4 active tank companies. Marine armor is done.
Really?  Seriously?  Is this fucking true?

How is this happening and there is NO discussion of it on Marine Corps focused blogs, professional journals or even word of mouth?

I will run this to ground, but if this is true then we are shedding combat power at more than an alarming rate....this is a matter of national security.

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