Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Norwegian Army is considering "Small Team Swarms" to confront a Russian mech assault.

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via AFTENPOSTEN (translated by Google)
"Norwegian Silence" is the name of a proposed operational concept that utilizes Norwegian benefits. Rather than tanks and artillery are betting it on many teams intent of six or ATV, possibly inserted with boats or cargo helicopters.
These are armed with laptops, homing missiles, sniper weapons and mines.Before they embark on the mission teams get an area in which they operate in, as well as an overarching intention of what they should achieve in the area and after which supply electricity. Beyond that teams are free to act as they think best solved mission.
And this...
The lieutenant stresses that warfare is effective, but not easy to implement.
He draws parallels to Finnish warfare against Russia in 1939-1940.
"All advance must be made over large distances in roadless terrain. This must be the soldier physically robust enough to cope. The small units, both on land and sea, will operate alone and with limited replenishment. This requires a robust psyche and commitment, "writes Lieutenant.
I'm sure there is much more to this concept than this short article tells, but I can't help but compare it to "Little Groups of Paratroops" or Partisan Units operating in WW2.

I guess the closest modern day example of what's being talked about here is what we've seen with Special Ops in Afghanistan.

Will it work against a modern mechanized force?

I really don't think so.  The Ukrainian Infantry experience in ops against the Russian supported rebels keeps popping up.

All I can think is that these small units will be found, fixed and destroyed.  The idea of having freedom of movement disappears (at least in my mind) after the first and certainly second attack.

We need to know more before we make a final judgement but it seems like another "let's turn our conventional forces into quasi-special ops" thinking.  It might be easy on procurement dollars but expensive in lives.

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