Saturday, December 05, 2015

The terrorists had an arsenal?

via CNBC
The suspected San Bernardino attackers left behind 12 pipe bombs and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition at their home, police said Thursday.
The news media has focused on the so called terrorist arsenal.  The thing that has me spinning is the listed ammo and how the liberal media is freaking out.  2500 rounds of .223, 2000 rounds of 9mm and several hundred rounds of .22 is an arsenal?

The reality?

Most guys I know have  MUCH more than that!  Additionally I know for a fact that for the average gun guy, that would be called a starter kit.  And we're just talking shooters.

You look into the prepper community and they would be horrified.  I've read accounts of individuals have upwards of 50K 9mm rounds and equal the number in 5.56/.223.

Liberal America just doesn't understand the gun culture and because they don't the talk about gun control (or the rebranded version...gun safety) isn't going to happen because the trust has been broken.  Hell, the gun community doesn't even trust Republicans on the issue and everyone I know is stocking up so that when the inevitable betrayal happens, they'll be set to pass along their gear and weapons to their children in a future that sees an out of control America.

And that's really the rub isn't it.

The utopian dream of a gun free America is an impossibility.  Too much  gear is already out there.  People have it stashed, buried and hidden.  They won't be able to recover in 1/4th of it.  The only solution?  Learn to Co-Exist with the gun community.

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