Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Worst Attack in 18 Months Shocks U.S. Military

via Daily Beast
The Taliban weren’t supposed to able to get to American forces like this. But somehow, a suicide bomber, riding a motorcycle, just took out a half-dozen U.S. troops.
Six U.S. troops were killed while on patrol in Afghanistan. It marked the deadliest day for American forces in nearly 18 months, and signaled that a resurgent Taliban was on the move in what was supposed to be the waning year of the war. Qari Mahajar, a member of the Taliban’s Kabul provincial military council, called it “a brilliant Christmas gift for the occupiers.”

Another two Americans and one Afghan soldier were injured on patrol.
The Taliban reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, which left U.S. military officials scrambling to figure out how the Taliban could’ve taken out so many troops at once.
Wow.  I hope this isn't true but fear that it is.  Leadership sets the tone.  Leadership sets the standard.  When you have confident leadership that exudes confidence, provides funding for equipment/training and gives clearly defined missions then that oozes down the chain....from the civilian leadership to the Generals on down to the lowest, freshest private.

When you have laid back, indifferent and uncaring leadership that exudes decision paralysis, doesn't provide funding for equipment/training and gives ill defined missions that also oozes down the chain.

You're seeing the inevitable result of fuzzy leadership that is the result of two administrations that had social/civic instead of attainable military goals in Iraq/Afghanistan.

In short, military theory has run straight into military fact. Theory has lost badly.  Now we're faced with a situation of people being put into the line of fire and the main worry isn't battling the enemy in front of them but whimsical foes like climate change, integrating women into the infantry and other social enemies.

I feel badly for people in uniform.  They're losing respect by the day, being seen as part of an administration that is disliked (that's the bad side of politicians wrapping themselves in the military...just like animal farm you can't tell where the politicians end and the military begin) etc....but if you're deployed then you face not only that but people trying to kill ya.  I wouldn't wish this type of existence on my worse enemy.  Its gotta suck.

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