Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is the desire to have it all the real issue behind the women in combat drama?

via Daily Caller.
Despite the changes, women still don’t seem satisfied.
“The younger generation [of women] are like, it’s just not worth it for me to stay in,” an anonymous O-5 helicopter pilot said, according to Marine Corps Times. “If I want to start a family, I’m never going to make rank, I’m never going to be treated the same.”
Anonymous O-5 helicopter pilot?   Bitching about wanting to start a family?  Complaining about having to choose and never making rank?

That's Haynie of USNI Blog fame.  I'm surprised she's doing this anonymously.  I guess the pushback from the tribe was more than she expected, but ignore that for a minute.  Do you get the real issue (at least for her)?  She wants to be able to take time off to start a family and yet be considered in the same grouping as guys that stayed in the fleet busting their ass for country and Corps when it comes to making rank.

This is the real issue.  A desire to have it all instead of accepting the cold reality. 

You can't. 

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