Monday, January 04, 2016

James Yeager and why he's not going to Oregon. We're seeing a psyops play being conducted.

Ok.  This Oregon thing is weird.  First you have the militia occupying a building, then you have some guy putting up a goodbye video and now you have Yeager getting harassed because he has the commonsense to avoid this drama.

We're seeing a psyops play being conducted.

People aren't flocking to join, some of the "names" in the militia movement are staying away and the news media (either thru incompetence or by order) is generally ignoring the situation (I haven't heard one on the ground report).

Yep.  Someone is taking this as an opportunity to test certain concepts.  Press manipulation.  Social media manipulation (I wouldn't be surprised if some of you got noticed because we're talking about this subject).  Probably testing the use of UAVs against insurgent/terrorist subjects in the US and passive surveillance on the ground.

If they go hard against these guys it will be after a well planned media campaign to show that they're totally outside the rules of the road and are unreasonable criminals.

This won't be a fight.  These guys have already lost it all and don't even know it (ironic too...they talk about gun rights but just gave the Feds the perfect reason to take them away).

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