Thursday, January 07, 2016

Speaking out when it's time...not after the fact.

I've sat back and watched with more than a bit of amusement at the reaction to the SecNav's latest attempts to destroy the Marine Corps as we know it.

Personally I saw this coming but was shouted down by all the know it alls that populate military blogging and social media.

Now.  After its too late do you see people reacting.

I'm not impressed.

There is a time to speak out and then a time to simply accept that you've been beaten.  All the people that wanted the Marine Corps to continue to be a warfighting, battle winning institution had there chance but they sat on their hands.

When Haynie and her acolytes at USNI Blog were on their rampage, you people sat back and watched feminist infect the pages with their bile.  When others (the only person of note that spoke out was Ultimate Ratio Reg) tried they too were shouted down.

You people had your chance to add your voices but didn't.  You cared more about being seen as politically correct, or understanding or whatever the fuck you call it and the enemy within made their moves.

So don't get pissed now.  You're part of the problem.

Haynie, USNI Blog, Marine Corps Times, Amos and the other "change agents" carried the day....and let them.

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