Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Ranchers at the center of the Oregon issue are being exposed....in a bad light...

Thanks to Dacroix for the link!

via Daily Beast.
A photo of a teenage boy with two bizarre wounds on his chest suggests that child abuser might be a better description than hero for the two ranchers in whose name so-called militia members have taken over a federal building in Oregon.
“Raising kids is like raising cows or dogs,” one of the ranchers is quoted as saying in a police report to which the photo is attached.
The photo is of Dusty Hammond, nephew of rancher Steve Hammond and grandson of rancher Dwight Hammond.
Dusty was 16 on that March morning in 2004, when Deputy Sheriff Brian Needham of the Harney County Sheriff’s Office responded with a human services representative to Crane High School in the Oregon town of the same name. Needham spoke to Dusty about “a possible assault involving a student.”
“Dusty told me that about four to five weeks ago he had scratched some initials into his shoulder/chest area with a paper clip,” Needham’s subsequent report reads.
The boy’s grandfather, Dwight Hammond, and grandmother, Susan Hammond, had learned about the scratching.

“His grandparents did not know how to handle the situation with Dusty, so they called Dusty’s uncle, Steve Hammond,” the report says. “Dusty told me that Steve is the one that disciplines him on any matters that his grandparents do not know how to handle.”
The report goes on, “Dusty told me that in the past several months the discipline has gotten worse and worse. Dusty told me that two to three months ago he and Steve had gotten into an argument about how Dusty was doing his chores. Dusty stated that Steve became very upset and charged him. Dusty stated that Steve hit him in the chest with a closed fist, knocking him to the ground. Dusty stated that Steve then took Dusty’s face and rubbed it into the gravel. Dusty stated that this action hurt and made him fearful of Steve.”
The report describes Steve as 35 years old, 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds. The report says that when Dusty was caught with alcohol, Steve had driven him at least 10 miles from the ranch “and made Dusty walk back.”

I don't condone the actions of the Rancher but this is almost textbook.  You have a "budding movement hero" and then you start disclosing unsavory aspects of him/her to the public to change them from star to villain.

This is almost classic psyops stuff.

Also noteworthy is that we're getting this stuff from both sides of the spectrum. Either extremely right wing sites or their liberal counterparts.

This will be an interesting watch.

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