Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Well you can stick a fork in Vets getting mental health treatment...via Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said

When looking at the new executive actions on gun control, the big one that sticks out to me is the mental health reporting part.
My main concern with the mental health reporting provisions is two fold.

First, you can now have a constitutional right stripped without due process as a judge does not have to view the medical evidence and make a determination to adjudicate you mentally defective. If you piss off your VA shrink, they can report you as being unfit and the government will take their word for it without any evidence required. What happens if every vet with a PTSD diagnosis that has sought or is receiving treatment is reported as unfit by the VA and they now lose their rights?
Second. How many vets and those who need help are now not going to seek it out of fear of being stripped of the constitutional rights they fought to uphold and defend? What effect will this have on warfighter suicide as they are now afraid to get help from the resources that exist for them?

I don't think the powers that be have considered the ramifications of this new policy.  You can stick a fork in Vets that need mental health treatment seeking it out because of this.

You can also expect alot less candor between patient and doctor.

How can you trust someone that is now an agent of the govt?  Medical care professionals don't know it but they just became another part of the long arm of the unfair law. 

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