Saturday, January 09, 2016

Who is the best of a whole herd of flawed candidates?

My post about warming to Trump got me unexpected pushback.  So I put this to you.  Who is the best of this herd of flawed candidates?  Hillary?  NON-STARTER!  I personally don't like the woman and her politics have "evolved" toward something that I won't even consider.  Sanders?  I like his views on the banks, but after that the guy is a socialist and believes in a type of collectivism that I despise.  Paul?  Closest to the mark but he is clearly on his way out of the running so why waste my time.  Rubio?  I get bad vibes on this dude.  He seems extremely....malleable.  He'll be whatever he thinks the public wants him to be to get elected.  I have no idea what his real core values are.

Moving on, how about Christie?  Nope.  Don't trust the guy as far as I can spit him.  Another guy that I have serious questions about.  Quite honestly when MSNBC is pushing your campaign, that makes you suspect in my opinion.  The fact that he was elected in New Jersey makes him even more questionable.  Bush?  FUCK NO!  No more family dynasties.  He's an open border (for all practical purposes), globalist, big business loving, moderate Republican that is from the same family tree that made a mess of the country.

Which leaves Trump.

Before you go high and to the right, tell me who you're backing and why I should consider and join their bandwagon.

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