Saturday, January 09, 2016

Those WW2 Japanese Heavy Tanks were real!

pic via Pianomaker Tumblr Page.

If you're like me and play the head pounding game called World of Tanks then you've seen the new line of Japanese heavies that they've introduced.

Personally I thought that it was the result of Russians under the influence of crack mixed with vodka that had them designing such huge vehicles.  No way could they have been real.

I mean seriously!  Japanese tanks of this era were more in the "tankette" class and not much of a match for our multi-gun Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) not to speak of our Shermans that would be in the assault follow on wave.

I was wrong.  They were real.

What if the war lasted a year or two longer?  What if Churchill and Roosevelt had sold the public that it would take a generation to destroy Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan?

We would have faced the Type 4/5 Japanese heavies not to mention the German Maus in Europe.  I guess a sense of urgency actually does have a military application huh?

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